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EXIT panic bolt – A reliable opening device of emergency exits


EXIT panic bolt for doors where reliable operation, easy opening, or safety in dangerous situations needed. All parts of material EN1.4301 (aisi 304) and made in Finland.

Exit-Painike Ky – Exit-Painike varmatoiminen poistumisteiden avaaja.

Panic bolt to promote industrial safety

Doors between departments

For safety reasons, the doors between different departments must be lockable, although objects must be carried or trolleys pushed trough the doors. The EXIT panic bolt makes it easy to open the door, even if you carry something or push a trolley.

Transformer substantions and laboratories

In transformer substantions and laboratories the EXIT panic bolt is mounted vertically downwards from the lock. In case of an emergency, the door can be opened from near the floor, even if the room is filled with smoke or gas. When equipped whit persistent bright tape, the panic bolt is visible also in case of power failure.